Entrepreneur. Humanitarian. Impact Investor

About Emmanuel

“After living in the United States and gaining personal humility as a husband and father, my ultimate purpose is to help the Congolese people, my people, to rebuild their country. My goals are to raise employment levels in the country with fair wages, rebuild roads, create a system of clean water and new hospitals, and to eliminate corruption in order to protect the people.”

Mr. Emmanuel Weyi is ready to lead the Congo into a new era of hope. He has been a businessman and entrepreneur for over 25 years; and through these experiences, he’s learned to galvanize people in order to bring about lasting success through structure, sound planning and empowerment.

During his business career, he has been:

  • President/CEO and Co-founder of Groupe Weyi International – A Sustainable, Fair Trade Mining Company in Congo

  • President and Board Member of Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation

  • Founder of the US Non-Profit Association

  • Former Board Member of the Diamond, Uranium and Coal Committee.

  • Champion of multiple political causes at local, state and national levels