A new beginning.

In the past 50 years there has been no social, economic or political progress in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The government has been forsaking its people. There is rampant corruption, no stable economy, no national security, not even a set constitution. I intend to change that fact next year following the coming election.

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Mr. Emmanuel Weyi

The next president of the Democratic Republic of Congo

“After living in the United States and gaining personal humility as a husband and father, my ultimate purpose is to help the Congolese people, my people, to rebuild their country. My goals are to raise employment levels in the country with fair wages, rebuild roads, create a system of clean water and new hospitals, and to revitalize the army and eliminate corruption in order to protect the people.”

Mr. Emmanuel Weyi is ready to lead the Congo into a new era of hope. He has been a businessman and entrepreneur for over 25 years; and through these experiences, he’s learned to galvanize people in order to bring about lasting success through structure, sound planning and empowerment.

During his business career, he has been:

  • President/CEO and Co-founder of Groupe Weyi International – A Sustainable, Fair Trade Mining Company in Congo

  • President and Board Member of Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation

  • Founder of the US Non-Profit Association

  • Former Board Member of the Diamond, Uranium and Coal Committee.

  • Champion of multiple political causes at local, state and national levels

He has inspired the respect and loyalty of people of all industries and organizations around the world, and has the drive and ability to be the best president for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“Our mission is to restart the economy, bring rule of law and create a system of national security in the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

-Emmanuel Weyi

A New Plan for The Congo

Pillars of national transformation

The road to change will be long and hard, but it is possible. By focusing on these key areas, we will begin to rebuild the Congo into the thriving modern nation she was meant to be.

Empowering women for a brighter future

Safe and successful women are the cornerstone of every great society

Women are true innovators and change-makers in any society. It’s time that we gave them the tools to be leaders. We will stop violence and degradation toward women, and we will facilitate their growth as mothers and daughters, professionals and entrepreneurs.

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A new age of international business.

Business creates jobs and infrastructure.

A thriving business environment is the backbone of any strong economy. We will build strong businesses internally and invite international businesses to come and innovate in the new DRC.  The business sphere will be one that respects rule of law and enables the success of all investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and businesses.


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A new equality of law.

Laws are for all people. And in the new Congo, laws will be enforced at all times to protect all people.

Rule of law will be a top priority for our administration. We will focus on eradicating corruption by reorganizing government structures. We will train judges and magistrates to respect people and have full knowledge of the constitution. We will bring criminals to justice. We will create programs that will serve the welfare of the people. And most importantly, we will encourage a culture of fairness and understanding.


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A New Foundation for Infrastructure

Investing in infrastructure is the key to leveraging our vast natural resources.

We will create never before seen infrastructure in the Congo. We will harness the nation’s dams, build new roads and bridges, and create a new system of modern healthcare. We will also enact safe and fair mining practices, modern systems of banking, sustainable sanitation and free media.


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A new plan for Education.

A strong foundation of education will allow our youth to create the country they love.

Knowledge is the most powerful force for change in this world. Education for all will be our major initiative to provide basic education for all Congolese people: children, youth and adults. We will also provide more opportunities and incentives for people to pursue higher education. With a more educated and empowered population, we will inspire hope and growth for the future.


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A new strategy for National Defense.

A nation cannot thrive if it cannot defend itself. We will greatly strengthen our national defense to keep our borders secure and our people safe.

Our national defense plan will ensure that our army is ready to face the challenges of the 21st Century. They will have state of the art facilities, modern training regiments and quality equipment. They will be prepared to defend the Congo and its people at all times


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What Do YOU Stand For?

“Evil triumphs when enough good people choose to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

A lot people are going to look at this site and think: “Congo is too far away. I need to focus on home.” But that computer or phone you’re reading this on right now runs on precious metals from the Congo. The gold or diamond jewelry you own likely came from the Congo. And women, children, and poor communities are being exploited without the knowledge of good people like you. The fact is: The Congo is all around us.

There are so many things to stand for in the Congo. Justice. Women’s Rights. Healthy Children. A peaceful world.

Stand for Congo