The Weyi Forward

The Man who will lead the DRC into a prosperous future.

Personal Life

Emmanuel Ntima Weyi was born in Kisangani on the 29th of May 1959, where his parents were both from. His father, Robert Weyi, was a banker and his mother, Catherine Ntima Diamoneka, was a businesswoman. Weyi grew up in a family with two brothers and seven sisters.

He moved to the capital of Kinshasa with his family in 1960 as a young infant. In 1971, his father became the head of the Union Zaroise de Banques. That same year, Weyi completed his elementary schooling at Catholic school.

After graduating high school in 1979, Weyi attended Ecole Internationale Des Hautes Etudes in Paris to study International Relations.

In 1985, Weyi married Odette Kisolokele. Odette is a direct descendant of Simon Kimbangu, a Congolese prophet and spiritual leader who started one of the biggest churches in Central Africa – the Kimbanguiste Church – now with a following of fifteen million people.

After living in the US while returning periodically to Congo, Weyi has created a powerful community around the world, as well as a family comprised of his wife and his four successful adult sons.


It was in this early 90’s period that Weyi began to learn about the mining industry and become versed in international business. In early 1990, Weyi opened the Weyi Trading Company, an import and export business focused on African and American trading.

After selling his company and working on a few other businesses, Weyi shifted his sole business focus back to the Congo, and started Groupe Weyi in 2003, a social enterprise focused on sustainable mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

His passion for innovation and compassion for people also led him to found the Colorado Sickle Cell Foundation in 2005. The organization’s vision was to provide awareness and assistance regarding sickle cell anemia to families, friends, and communities in the state of Colorado and abroad.

In 2011, Weyi teamed up with a business partner and established a Groupe Weyi International headquarters in the capital of Kinshasa.

After seeing the suffering in the Congolese people, Mr. Emmanuel Weyi decided that it was his duty as a son of the Congo to uphold the rights, freedom and prosperity of the people.

Presidential Campaign

Weyi decided to begin setting up a campaign in 2012 for the 2016 election in the Democratic Republic of Congo, officially announcing his public candidacy in December of 2014.  He has been running under the slogan “Stand by Me” and endeavors to bring new policies, stability, and leadership to the country.

 Mr. Emmanuel Weyi is from the Congo and of the Congo. He embodies the essence of the country: strength, creativity and a deep richness that works to serve the people.