Congo Commission Declares 2016 Presidential Election Date

The Congo Commission just announced Thursday that the presidential and legislative election will be held on November 27, 2016.

“President Joseph Kabila had proposed a national census to take place before an election could be held, but opposition leaders accused him of using that only as a delay tactic so he could hold on to power longer.”

Although Kabila, who has served as Congo president since 2001, has tried to postpone the election time and time again, Campaign Weyi is grateful that democracy is near.

Pope Francis Uses New Year Mass To Condemn Slavery and Human Trafficking

In his first mass of 2015, Pope Francis advised people of all cultures and religions to help end human trafficking. One of the best ways he urged people to do so is through avoiding low-cost goods that may be products of forced labor. He stated that it is a God-given right for everyone to be free.

Candidate Weyi appreciates Pope Francis’ statement and is passionate about abolishing human trafficking in the DRC and worldwide.


Presidential Proclamation – National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2015

President Obama released a proclamation declaring January 2015 National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month. This month will culminate in National Freedom Day on February first. President Obama called on all americans to recognize their role in helping to eradicate modern slavery by buying products free of forced labor. He called for business and non-profit leaders to ensure their supply chains do not employ the use of slavery. President Obama also promised that the United States Government would continue to try to fight human trafficking on the legislative level.

The Weyi campaign supports President Obama and all efforts working towards eradicating slave labor and human trafficking.


Candidate Weyi Interviews with ICOSA Network

eweyiEmmanuel Weyi reflects with the ICOSA Network on his story and voyage, which has led him to run for Presidency of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In the feature interview, Weyi articulates the importance of his campaign and his history of bringing fair wages and equality to the Congolese Mining industry. From growing up in the magnificent country to gaining the skills, knowledge and experience to bring forth democracy to his homeland, Emmanuel Weyi is passionate about implementing change and progress surrounding women’s empowerment, national security, education, rule of law, business development and infrastructure.

The full show aired February 7 on 710AM KNUS and focuses on mining interests, including the Colorado Mining Association’s National Western Mining Conference, and a feature interview with Emmanuel Weyi on his company’s work in the Congo, and campaign. The podcast will be available on iTunes and is accessible from the KNUS podcast page: on Monday following the airdate.

ICOSA facilitates collaboration. They believe in the power of partnership and bring forth that cooperation through the sharing of stories by mobilizers in the community. Emmanuel Weyi was honored to join the ICOSA Network as he deeply shares their value of growth through collaboration and action.

Listen to the full interview below.

Weyi Campaign Emphasizes Importance of Anti-Human Trafficking


Emmanuel Weyi is adamant about eradicating the abhorrent practices of slave labor and human trafficking in the DRC and in the world at large. CHTCS believes in the same mission of bringing safety, dignity and fair practice to all industries — especially those with historically high rates of human trafficking, such as mining.

Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions was started by Linda Rizk and James D. Wiley, and provides extensive assessments to aid companies in abolishing human trafficking along with child and slave labor. Additionally, they generate After Action Reports, Improvement Plans, Supplier Research and Verification as well as identify compliance recommendations.

Human trafficking is regrettably all too prevalent in the Democratic Republic of Congo and developing nations worldwide. Emmanuel Weyi believes in sharing in the common goals of people who are actively working to eliminate this tragic practice. We are hopeful that through strategic action, the Weyi Campaign and CHTCS can impact their own spheres and each make serious strides in expunging the practices of human trafficking on a global scale.

Describing the common goals of the Weyi Campaign and Counter Human Trafficking Compliance Solutions, Linda Rizk stated: “I believe what we can do together will change the world: not just the DRC.

Reflections on the Heart Africa from a Congolese

Protecting the Congo Basin

Some have called it the cradle of humanity. Some have called it the heart of darkness. A place where it’s hard to tell fact from fiction; where swindling, stealing, and doing whatever else it takes to survive has become the common modus operandi. It is a place that has known many names, but my family has only associated it with one – home.

Centuries ago, like many other African nations, the Democratic Republic of Congo (or simply Kongo at that time) was a great empire, respected by fellow African empires all across the continent. However, like many other African empires, contact with Europeans proved to be catastrophic. read more…

World-Changing Campaign Seeks Amazing Volunteers

kid weyi


Do you want to be part of a campaign that’s going to transform the 3rd world? Do you want to be able to say that you changed the lives of 70 million people in Africa, while meeting entrepreneurs, politicians, and even celebrities along the way? Are you tired of donating to charities and seeing nothing change in poor countries?

Well, we’re right there with you.

We represent Emmanuel Weyi. Mr. Weyi is an entrepreneur who has lived in Colorado for the past 2 decades, and as you know, he is running for President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. And we need *YOUR* help. read more…

Emmanuel Weyi Delivers Outstanding Speech at Innovation Pavillion


The Innovation Pavillion is an ecosystem for entrepreneurs. Consisting of real estate options, mentor-ship programs, service provider contracts, corporate relations and structured funding programs, IP aids entrepreneurs and companies in cultivating ideas and reaching their highest potential. Through the employment of sharing and collaboration, the Innovation Pavillion values communal spaces and thinking.

The Innovation Pavillion in just a few short years has had an incredible impact facilitating and recognizing innovative/social business.

The night of January 8, 2015, IP hosted a successful event celebrating their third anniversary and the Weyi campaign. Vic Ahmed, co-founder and chairman, gave a beautiful speech about Emmanuel Weyi and Weyi followed with an equally outstanding declamation. The event both inspired and educated its guests and served as a great networking experience for all those present.

Emmanuel Weyi Begins Journey to Presidency

Emmanuel Texture Flag

Emmanuel Weyi is proud to announce the start of his official campaign for Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2016. Weyi plans to bring security, prosperity and foreign investment to a broken nation through diligent advancement in Women’s Empowerment, National Security, Education, Rule of Law, Business Development and Infrastructure. Emmanuel Weyi’s experience in business, leadership and passion for people and human rights has manifested into the slogan “Stand By Me,” where Weyi intends to reshape the Congo with innovative policies, stability and to bring forth a true democracy.