Hero Women of Congo


Neema Namadamu is a native of the eastern region of the Democratic Republic of Congo and was diagnosed with Polio at the age of two. In a nation that treats women and those with disabilities as second-class citizens, Ms. Namadamu, through the strength and unconditional love and support from her mother has persevered and became the first women with a disability from her tribe to graduate from university.

An advocate for change, Neema Namadamu with the help of World Pulse founded the Hero Women of Congo, a center where women can connect, get support and share their stories online. “According to the UN, the DRC is considered the worst place in the world to be a woman. Through our work, these women found their voice and began calling for peace, for dignity, for sanity in Eastern Congo. They named themselves theMaman Shujaa, which means Hero Women in Swahili, and the world logged in to hear these resilient, strong solution providers, trumpet their universal song of peace, hope and a future for Congo.” http://www.huffingtonpost.com/neema-namadamu/congos-hero-women-creatin_b_5170187.html