Stand by Me Campaign Seeks Amazing Interns

Stand by Me Campaign

Do you want to be part of a campaign that’s going to transform the 3rd world? Do you want to be able to say that you changed the lives of 70 million people in Africa, while meeting entrepreneurs, politicians, and even celebrities along the way? Are you tired of donating to charities and seeing nothing change in poor countries?

Well, we’re right there with you.

We represent the Stand by Me campaign, and we’ve launched a movement to galvanize and unite the entire world community on issues of humans rights and empowerment — from education to women’s entrepreneurship — in Congo. And we’ve partnered with many incredible organizations to bring Lasting and Positive change to Congo

And we need *YOUR* help.

So how can you help?

*We are seeking interns in these areas:

–public relations
–social media
–event planning/execution

A lot people will read this and say: “Congo is too far away. I don’t know how I can make a difference.” But you can. That computer or phone you’re reading this on right now runs on precious metals from the Congo. The gold or diamond jewelry you own likely came from the Congo. And women, children, and poor communities are being exploited without the knowledge of good people like you. The fact is: The Congo is all around us.

And you will have a champion in your corner all along the way named Emmanuel Weyi. Emmanuel Weyi is an entrepreneur who has lived in the US, splitting his time 50/50 between the US and Congo for 2 decades, and he is committed to bringing justice, innovation and peace to Congo as he runs for President of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

There are so many things to stand for in the Congo. Equality. Women’s Rights. Healthy Children. A peaceful world.

So what will you Stand for?

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved with a prominent international political campaign, meet local politicians and entrepreneurs, spearhead creative social campaigns and make a difference for 70 Million citizens of Congo who deserve a better tomorrow.

If interested, please email us:

We hope that you will come change the world with us!