A New Age of International Business

Businesses create jobs, innovation and prosperity.

A thriving business environment is the backbone of any strong economy. We will build strong businesses internally and invite international businesses to come and innovate in the new DRC.  The business sphere will be one that respects rule of law and enables the success of all investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and organizations.


We are inviting businesses to come and thrive in a new innovative environment of the new Congo. It is our highest priority to create a business-friendly environment in the DRC that respects laws and established regulations.

We will put an end to corrupt business practices in the new Congo and ensure that foreign investors are incentivized and rewarded for bringing their valuable businesses to the country.

We will focus on:

  • Protection of foreign investments
  • Lower taxes
  • Lowering all duties on exports
  • Lowering the cost of licenses and administrative fees

Any disagreement between the government and any entity doing business in the DRC will be litigated by the court and not by the government in order to level the playing field for all parties.

We will also establish a three-day licensing period so that businesses are able to obtain licenses in an efficient and effective manner.

Protection under the law for all foreign and domestic organizations and corporations doing business with one another

Mining Sector:

With more than twenty years of experience in the mining industry, Mr. Weyi and his administration will bring safety and stability to the mining sector. We will establish clear mining regulations and safety standards to eliminate explotation of workers and communities in mines and we will establish transparency in order to take advantage of Congo’s vast mineral resources.

We will truly usher in a new age of business and innovation in the new Congo.