A New Plan for Education

The future of our country is in the hands of our children.

Our plan of action, Education for All, will be a set of major policies to provide basic education to all people:

children, youth and adults.


History of The Problem

Education in Belgian Congo in 1908 was based on the educational system of Belgium; educational institutions were funded by the public. This public funding for education collapsed in 1986. Since then the Congolese education system has only operated through direct financing from households.

Today, attending elementary school in the Democratic Republic of Congo is neither required nor free; many children are unable to attend school because their parents are unable to pay registration fees.


Our plan of action will commit the state to achieving the goal of a quality basic education for all by the year 2018.

The acute shortage of qualified teachers is considered one of the major obstacles for realizing the objectives for educating the Congolese populous. It is estimated that it would take tens of thousands of new educators to achieve universal primary education in the DRC. Our administration will take responsibility for filling this deficiency and attaining innovative educational goals, aiming to improve the quality of education by our 2018 benchmark.

Strategy for the Solution

  • Make public elementary schools free for all children
  • Make public secondary schools free for all adolescents and teens.
  • Build new schools
  • Improve existing schools
  • Improve the status and working conditions for educators
  • Improve administration structures
  • Quality assurance in teacher training

We will promote a holistic approach, which will require improved working conditions for faculty and educators, improvement of administration structures, and improving the quality and consistency of professional development.

Given the increasing emphasis on quality education for all Congolese citizens, I will make great progress toward greater harmonization of national standards in order to train teachers. Members of the administration will stress the importance of quality assurance in teacher education.

“Education for All means meeting our collective commitments to build a better future.”

                                                                   — Emmanuel Weyi