A New Foundation for Infrastructure

Innovation saves lives.

We will create never before seen infrastructure in the Congo. We will harness the nation’s dams, build new roads and bridges, and create a new system of modern healthcare. We will also enact safe and fair mining practices, modern systems of banking, sustainable sanitation and free media.


It is difficult for Congolese people to find proper healthcare and government services. The Weyi Administration plans to find solutions so that any citizen can take advantage of healthcare or government services regardless of their state of health.

Sanitation and Clean Water

Clean water is a basic human right. Sanitary food and water has been a major issue in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and so creating protocols for clean food and water for the health of the Congolese people is one of our biggest priorities. In the new Congo, there will be potable water for all. No one can live without clean, disease-free water. We will launch a massive campaign for nationwide sanitation and bring a system of water treatment in the country to prevent diseases and unnecessary deaths. We will also create a system for trash collection and waste treatment in the big cities, which is currently lacking.

With our vast arable land, we will develop modern agricultural systems to save more than $450,000,000 in food import costs and  – more importantly  –  win the battle against hunger and feed every man, woman and child in this country with food from their own land.


The banking sector is ill-equipped to handle the needs of the sixty eight million Congolese who rely on it. We will create a new modern system of banking. And we will enable people to invest and manage their money using modern tools such as advanced information technology, ecommerce, and electronic banking.


Investing in infrastructure is the key to leveraging our vast natural resources.

Congo is in need of energy reform. With the abundance of oil, the Inga Dams and the natural gas in the country, there are many options that our administration plans to explore in order to make sure that every citizen has basic energy needs and that these plans are executed efficiently.

Providing consistent, reliable and affordable electricity for the whole nation will be a top priority. This will help people live quality lives, and help businesses innovate in sustainable ways.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is also home to the Inga Dams, a series of hydroelectric dams located on the Congo River in Inga. Utilizing these dams to draw sustainable energy will be paramount. The dams have incredibly large potential: their concentration of hydroelectric power will be the centerpiece of lighting up all of Africa. 

Public Transportation

The transport in all of the big cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo is in ruin; there has not been a functional system of public transportation for the past thirty years. Neither the local nor national government has created an effective public transportation system to satisfy the needs of the population. When the rainy season arrives, the transportation problem becomes an unbearable portion of life, which causes many to stay home instead of accomplishing daily tasks.

We plan to create a massive, modern public transportation system. This will involve utilizing both buses and rail lines to rapidly move the public to and from work and cultural attractions in the big cities, while also creating transportation systems leading out to rural areas.

Aviation and Aerospace Infrastructure

Our plans toward a short and long-term self-sufficient nation will need a solid and well thought out Domestic and International Aviation plan. Mr. Weyi has a detailed multi-year plan to rebuild the Aviation infrastructure to abide by all the local RVA, ICAO, IOSA and other international rules.

Our aviation plans will revitalize our airports, regulatory agency, ground / terminal and airways navigation systems and the airlines. Our Aviation will be the backbone for the Military, Domestic and International Commerce, Disease Control, Agriculture, Cultural and many other activities.


Finally, hospitality and tourism will become one of the beacons of the country. It will be crucial to monitor and protect our highly identified touristic areas so that they can attract visitors from all corners of the world and  –  in turn  –  inspire love and wonder for our country in the minds of people all over the world.