A New Strategy for National Defense

A nation cannot thrive if it cannot defend itself. We will greatly strengthen our national defense to keep our borders secure and our people safe.

Our national defense plan will ensure that our army is ready to face the challenges of the 21st Century. They will have state of the art facilities, modern training regiments and quality equipment. They will be prepared to defend the Congo and its people at all times

Our defense strategy The Population First puts forward clear expectations and refers to the members of the forces who will protect the nation with respect. These elements will create excellence in the armed forces and the nation will have a strong army and reliable national defense in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our strategy is based on a thorough analysis of risk and threats, which the Democratic Republic of Congo will face in the years to come, as well as on the government’s vision for defense.

Rebuilding the Army Forces: AFC

  1. Defend the Democratic Republic of Congo
  2. Contribute to peace
  3. Contribute to security

The Congolese expect and deserve that their armed forces be fully capable of ensuring their security and supporting foreign policy that will secure the country’s borders. Our army will be comprised of the best and brightest individuals the Congolese community has to offer.

We will:

  • Recruit qualified candidates who reflect Congolese values
  • Provide world-class technical training and high-level education
  • Encourage the development of a knowledge-based organization
  • Provide the staff with the best possible health services
  • Bring together motivated defense personnel; this would consist of soldiers, reserves and civilians
  • Set up a stable payment plan that would include uniforms and hygienic products.


We plan to have a stable system of funding for national defense, including investment in the four most important aspects of military capabilities: staff equipment, dedication, readiness and infrastructure – this strategy will increase the size of the AFC army and our forces will be more cohesive. It will also present unprecedented opportunities for the Congolese industry to reach global excellence.

The Congolese expect that their armed forces will be fully capable of securing the country’s borders, and that is exactly what our Population First strategy will accomplish