A New Equality of Law

Laws are for all people.

In the new Congo, laws will be enforced at all times to protect all people


Corruption has been rampant in the Congolese judiciary system for decades — this corruption will no longer be tolerated. We will focus on eradicating corruption by reorganizing government structures. We will train judges and magistrates to respect people and have full knowledge of the constitution as well as specific statutes that pertain to their jurisdiction. We will bring criminals to justice. We will create programs that will serve the welfare of the people.

And most importantly, we will encourage a culture of fairness and understanding.

New Legal Framework and Regulations

  • Reforming the judiciary system to better serve the people
  • Training judges and magistrates to better apply laws for a more efficient and fair legal system
  • Building new prisons
  • Equipping the court with all necessary tools to function properly

We will construct a system of reward and accountability; judges will be rewarded for their work and will also be held accountable and reviewed by government committees.

We will provide the necessary tools for the legal courts in order to enable them to create an environment where the justice system will be carried with effectiveness and people know that they will be treated fairly.