Empowering Women for a Brighter Future

 Safe and successful women are the cornerstone of every great society.

Women are true innovators and change-makers in any society. It’s time that we gave them the tools to be leaders. We will stop violence and degradation toward women, and we will facilitate their growth as mothers and daughters, professionals and entrepreneurs.

It is time to honor the women of the DRC. Women play a big role in Congolese society as mothers, daughters, wives and as leaders in all areas of society.

It is time to recognize the important role of the women in Congolese society; to show them the respect and give them the opportunity that they deserve.

The hopes, dreams, and necessities of Congolese women have been neglected for so long, but now is the time to stand up and to sound all of our voices to say “enough is enough.”

We will not tolerate any kind violence against women in Congo, especially in Eastern Congo. Women have been through so many atrocities for the past ten years; my administration will create a special police force trained and equipped to track down all the people who have been perpetuating the atrocities.

My administration will team up with a group of medical doctors in the United States to train girls to become nurses; and also we will create a center to train women to learn how to use computers.

Partnerships for Empowerment

We will partner with international organizations that specialize in women’s empowerment in order to jumpstart their progress in the STEM fields, business, management, and entrepreneurship through training programs, workshops, schools and summits that will focus on both tangible and intangible skills. These programs will allow women to tap into their potential and create fundamental change in Congolese society.