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The Basics

Emmanuel Weyi is a Presidential Candidate of Democratic Republic of Congo, planning to bring security, prosperity, foreign investment and hope to a proud nation.

“After living in the United States and gaining personal humility as a husband and father, my ultimate purpose is to help the Congolese people, my people, to rebuild their country. My goals are to raise employment levels in the country with fair wages, rebuild roads, create a system of clean water and new hospitals, and to revitalize the army and eliminate corruption in order to protect the people.”

Key Information


  • Mr. Weyi has worked in sustainable mining and renewable energy in Congo for 20 years
  • He gained education, business and leadership experience in the US and endeavors to bring it back to Congo
  • He has garnered the support of thousands of Americans, Europeans and Congolese
  • He is married to a descendant of the fouder of the Kimbanguiste church, the biggest church in Congo with a base of 20 million people
  • He is running on the slogan “Stand by Me,” a movement to advocate for human rights and to partner with humanitarian organizations and innovative businesses around the world to transform the Congo





  • Rule of Law
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Education
  • Sanitation and Infrastructure
  • Innovative Business
  • National Defense



Buzz and Articles

“It is the duty of anyone able to empower those around them to do so. Because in the end, people don’t need a handout — they need tools and an opportunity. I’m really excited about this campaign”

Jonny Briones

Grand Master of Memory




1. Emmanuel Weyi Official Video



2. “Stand by Me” Official Video


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