Women: The World on Your Shoulders

Women of our wondrous planet, you balance the world on your shoulders. You are the true life-givers. You give rise to family, to beauty, and to innovation. Isn’t it time that we gave you tools to do what you do best: to create bright futures in the most positive and profound way possible? We think so. Because we would be in a completely different place without you. In fact, we’d be nowhere at all.

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YOU Have Been Challenged. We Are ‘Stand by Me.’

We are the ‘Stand by Me’ Campaign, and we’re working to build a new Congo. The #whatcanyoubalance challenge was inspired by the many African women that we’ve seen and encountered who not only had the ability to balance large objects on their heads, but more importantly, walked incredibly long distances to deliver food, water, and supplies to their families and villages.

And through being moved by these powerful women, we wanted to take the experiences we had and partner with organizations to bring women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment to the Congo.

We are creating the Telema Program (Telema means “Stand up” in Lingala), which will be an in-depth program taking a pilot group of 100 women and teaching them about sustainable energy, leadership and innovation in order to make them agents of change in telling their story and transforming their communities. For more info on the program, click “learn more” below.

How It Works:

numbers-red-02Find something interesting (and safe) to balance on your head, and take a picture

numbers-red-03Upload your picture to Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtag: #whatcanyoubalance?

numbers-red-04In your post challenge at least 3 friends to take the challenge or donate $50 to the movement


We are the Stand by Me campaign, and we are committed to showing the beauty and potential of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Africa as a whole, and putting together initiatives where people the world over can be involved in a making an impact and seeing themselves make history.